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“Awareness is the birth of new beginnings, the beginning of a life worth living, the beginning of actually being alive.”
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Here is Why I created the ONLINE connect course
  Photography By Naomi Estment
My need to connect with humanity was incredibly strong...
The Connect Course was born from a deep seated desire and longing within myself to create and feel a connection with humans and to connect with humanity. Since I was a child, I felt like I didn't belong to this unusual species, although I was one of them.

This disconnected feeling and sense of not belonging was a very lonely space to be in, but today I can fully appreciate and understand how it served my life to believe that I was alone and not wanted. The information I accumulated throughout the years to connect with others, in the end, proved to me that I have always been connected, one and part of all that is, I just felt disconnected.

The feeling of disconnection was created by my fears. Fear always disconnects, LOVE Connects. I had to learn to overcome my fears, but they were many, and it was overwhelming. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are symptoms of fear that I had to deal with. My aim was to understand my fears and go beyond them to connect.

I studied more, learnt more, discovered more, but nothing took the fear away. Finally, my fears brought me to a place where I had to peel off all the layers of how I was defining myself and my worth. I realised that I am not what others think of me, I'm not what I've achieved, I'm not what I have, what I can do and even how I look. When I got to the core of my essence, my being, I miraculously connected with myself and with who I am, and I discovered that I was LOVE. At that moment I could see the truth about humanity. We were all created by the Creator of all that is from LOVE, in LOVE, and through LOVE. We are LOVE, and this LOVE connects us all, unites us in the Oneness that we are all part of.

LOVE connected me with myself, with others, with life, with health, with wealth and with all that is, and today I feel so thankful that I can share the knowledge and skills I've acquired with you.

This 7 Module course, spread over eight weeks, will take you on a journey of self-discovery so you can connect again with yourself, your desires and dreams. Show you how to overcome and go beyond your fears, how to feel confident, calm and balanced in any situation and how to connect with others easily and effortlessly. It teaches you how to become aware of limiting beliefs that are creating an unwanted reality for you and how to create the magic in your life that you are worthy and deserving of.
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the connect course Benefits
Photography By Naomi Estment
Once you experience these benefits, life changes...
Here are just a few of the benefits that you will receive from this Connect Course and there are so much more.
  • Discover how to connect with all the magnificence of who you are
  • Master the art of listening, to be heard
  • Communicate your truth easy and effortlessly
  • ​Become aware of limiting sub-conscious beliefs that are blocking your flow of abundance
  • ​Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs to receive more
  • ​Become aware of how your communicate energetically
  • ​Learn how to create balance mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically
  • Feel safe and receive more through forgiveness
  • ​Discover your unique story and be of service to the world
  • ​Experience the feelings that you need, to attract what you desire in your life
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"3 Incredible days of self- discovery. It's been a journey of discovery limiting beliefs, a real take away for me. If you have anything that you feel is holding you back, or something in your life that you feel can be expanded upon then Nianell is the person and this is the course that you should be doing. You won't be disappointed. "
"At first I didn't realise what was involved in the course, but after finishing the course I feel so privileged to be taught by such an amazing, professional person. Nianell is incredible. Why would you not want to do this course? "
"I found this course mind-blowing. I feel so exhilarated and energised and much more open after this course. I recommend this course, if you don't you will be lost. I got exactly what I needed from this course."
"I've done many courses with Nianell but this is the one course that has given me everything I need. More Clarity, found out so much more about myself and I already feel the shift within myself. It really is worth doing this course."
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My Connect Live Course:
  • 3 days of bliss: The course runs for 3 days at the venue the you choose
  • ​Full Course WorkBook : A fully comprehensive 7 module workbook used throughout the course
  • Singing & Sound Journey By Nianell: Live music performance by Nianell and guided meditations
  • Techniques: to discover limiting beliefs & to Create balance in your life
  • Certificate of Attendance: All participants get an attendance certificate              
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