1.1  I, agree that I shall not hold NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD, it's shareholders, officers, agents, employees or representatives, or my instructor liable for any adverse effects, injury, harm, illness or damage alleged to have been caused by the use of methods and techniques of any and all one on one sessions, seminars, courses, workshops or whatsoever training, further within referred to as APPOINTMENT, whether during the APPOINTMENT or at any other time.
1.2  I acknowledge that I shall not receive any specific medical knowledge or information in my APPOINTMENT

I confirm that:
2.1  I shall use the information disclosed during the APPOINTMENT, and contained in the APPOINTMENT literature only for the purpose disclosed during the APPOINTMENT and/or literature.

2.2  I shall treat and safeguard the information as private and confidential.

2.3  I shall not at any time, without the prior written consent of NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD disclose or reveal any information to any other person or party whatsoever.

2.4  I shall not at any time use the information to solicit or entice away or endeavour to solicit or entice away any suppliers to, customers/clients of, or employees of NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD either to join me or for any other purpose.

2.5  I shall not be entitled to impart, deliver and/or share the APPOINTMENT, or any part and/or variation thereof.

2.6  I shall not be entitled to duplicate, distribute and/or share the APPOINTMENT literature, or any part and/or variation thereof.

2.7  The disclosure by NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD of the information contained in the  APPOINTMENT and  APPOINTMENT literature shall not constitute an option, grant or licence to me under any patent, copyright or any other intellectual property rights, or rights of any nature or kind whatsoever, which are presently held by NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD or which may be held by NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD in the future.

2.8  All information disclosed to me by, or on behalf of, NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD shall be and remain the sole property of NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD.

2.9  In the event of any provision of this Agreement being declared invalid, or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed to be severed and deleted and neither such provision nor its deletion shall affect the validity of the remaining provisions herein.

In the event that I fail to comply with the terms and conditions, I confirm that:
3.1  NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD may institute legal action against myself for damages.
3.2  The courts of the Republic of South Africa shall have jurisdiction over any dispute or matter arising out of this agreement.

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NO REFUNDS are granted for any reason whatsoever for or on any APPOINTMENT. If you cancel your APPOINTMENT you will forfeit any deposit made to secure your APPOINTMENT. However if you can't make your APPOINTMENT because you’re dealing with a serious illness/medical crisis, we can switch you into another APPOINTMENT SESSION that’s happening later, or figure out some other arrangement that works for you. This remain in the total discretion of NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD.

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- The branding of NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD, the NIANELL ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD APPOINTMENTS, content, or any of its other properties
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