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Connection Simplified Online Course Booking
Feeling Disconnected?
On this two day course you will reconnect with all that you are and learn how to feel what true connection feels like. A connection with yourself, with others, with your dreams and desires and with life. When we feel connected, life feels good, easy and effortless. We need to feel good to attract the abundance we desire. Start feeling good by giving yourself this life changing gift and book your spot now. 
This Event Will Be Held ONLINE using Zoom

Price: R3,500pp | Time: 09:30 - 18:00 
Place: On Zoom | 2 day course
Contact: 082 390 6861 

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Testimonial given by Attendee for August 2023 Live Course

My name is Malcolm Moodley. I have embarked on countless personal development journeys, immersing myself in workshops and courses, and proudly embracing roles as a Theta healer, coach, NLP coach, international inspirational speaker, fire walker, and firewalk instructor. Over the years, I have dedicated more than 40,000 hours to my personal growth, and while each experience has been valuable, there was something profoundly different and extraordinary about the workshop, CONNECTION SIMPLIFIED course by Nianell (Sonja).

Nianell's approach to her work is nothing short of awe-inspiring in its simplicity. The way she communicates her teachings is a revelation that touches the very core of understanding. Every time I grasped a concept, a silly grin adorned my face, perhaps even amusing Nianell (Sonja). Those elusive ideas I had been working on, yet failing to see, suddenly came to light, leaving me in complete awe.

But it didn't stop there. CONNECTION SIMPLIFIED gifted me with much more than I could have imagined. It not only met my needs but surpassed them, unlocking deeper levels of self-awareness and growth. This workshop is a true catalyst for transformation.

I find myself eager to return to CONNECTION SIMPLIFIED time and time again because I know that with each new experience, I will emerge as an evolved version of myself. The journey of growth never ends, and I am determined to embrace it with open arms.

Without hesitation, I urge anyone seeking self-improvement and personal development – which is a journey for every individual on this planet – to take part in Connection Simplified/Life Simplified. You deserve to witness the power of simplicity, experience profound transformations, and embark on a path of endless growth and fulfillment. Embrace the journey, and you'll be amazed at the heights you can reach. Your future self will thank you for taking this empowering step.
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Nianell has a variety of services that can contribute to the success of your event.  See below what value Nianell can add to your event. Once you click on the button our booking form will automatically download onto your computer. Complete the form and return it to the details on the form. We will then send you a formal quotation and once you accept, we will send you a booking contract to confirm the booking. Thank you! 


People refer to Nianell's meditations as incredibly healing and transformational. With sounds, vibrations and tones channeled by Nianell, you will access the feel-good feelings you need in order to manifest abundance into your life. In general, these meditations are about 2 hours long but we can adapt to your needs.
During the first part of the meditation, Nianell will establish a connection with the group to tap into what is needed in the session. During the second half, Nianell will access the information your soul and DNA understand through frequencies and sound, taking the participant on a sound journey of self-discovery and self-healing.


Nianell will travel to your venue, anywhere in the world, and offers this amazing 3-day course to your clients, customers, staff, and audience.  (terms & conditions apply). This course promotes effective communication with yourself and the people around you. There has been a huge response to this course so booking is essential. This course includes all of Nianell's special talents and expertise.  You'll experience Nianell performing live music, guided meditations and working through a 7 module workbook created by Nianell, focusing on achieving a well-balanced life and greater connections on all levels. Creating awareness of limiting beliefs that can be blocking you from living the life that you deserve and are worthy of.  For more information  CLICK HERE


Nianell's Music lends itself to corporate and private functions. It's very popular for bringing a group of people together, motivating and inspiring them. Nianell can also be booked as a keynote speaker based on her latest book release, Life Simplified. Nianell can adapt Life Simplified to any topic your event wants to focus on. She fills up moments with her inspiring songs and messages that any crowd easily connects with.  This performance normally lasts 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your need.